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I have tried everything and about to give up.

Besides Blue Iris (I'll never buy), IE (full of security flaws), or your IPCamera software (won't come close to my needs and hardly functions); Is there any way to access 720p in the IPCC-7210W with software like VLC or ISPY ?


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The BlueIris is currently offered for $35 after special rebate coupon to IPCC-72XX customers. This represents a 30% discount from the BlueIris Software retail price of $50.

The 720p H264 stream can also be accessed on a Windows PC using the PC IPCam Monitor and recording Software. Please note that after installation and prior to usage you will have to set up the program comteability to Windows XP.

Below are the installations instructions:

1. Right click on the program icon and select properties:

IP Camera.png 

2. IN the Properties menu, select :


3. Select the Compatibility tab 


4. Select the comparability mode as Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and click apply.

Following this step, you can double click on the icon, and start using the program.

You will have to discover the camera on the network, or edit it, including its user ID and Password. Afterwards drag it with the mouse into one of the screen windows for display it.

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Again, thanks for the quick response and detailed information. I am sure it will help many people with a different use-case than mine.

I tried your software, as well as Blue Iris, to validate the 720p output.

I am _not_ building a security system, I already have one.

My use case requires object tracking driven by facial recognition and the ability to use plugins. My system already does that and regardless of price, I am not changing software to accommodate one camera.

Blue Iris does not have the features I need, they'd be on their wish list I suppose.

Our internal 720p cameras (with 5x zoom) have all the features we need and they are under $80.00. My external cameras aren't as accurate because of the 640x480 resolution and I am trying to get to 720p.

All I need something that can deal with the elements outdoors and provide the same capabilities of our indoor cameras.

I really like the IPCC-7210W external housing (you should have use stainless steel screws though).

It's hard to imagine an outdoor version of what we have indoors costs 3x the price but fails to provide 1/3 the functionality.

What the IPCC-7210W presently equates to, is an outdoor 640x480 camera that can't keep up with the tracking speed.

I have more than that presently.

Seems ridiculous to me your software developers fail to bring this hardware to it's full potential. You'd have a 5 star product, instead of a useless one, if they did...

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I have to agree here. It's strange that you can not access the h264 stream at 720p using a non-blueiris security system.

My use case is similar to this posters. I already have many other cameras in my system and am not going to install blueiris to use this single camera. I can access the mjpeg stream at less than 720p resolution using http with the following parameters:

this stream seems to be at less than 720p resolution however.

When I try to access the h264 stream as specified elsewhere in the FAQ using:

it does not work. 

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Has anyone found a solution to this?
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