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The IPCC-9610 is a network device which is using the LAN and WAN for streaming the video to a viewing device (PC, Iphone, Ipad, android etc) 
The quality of video stream coming from the camera, and received at the viewing device, depends on the quality of the transmission medium, (LAN, WAN, WIFI, Cellular network, etc.).

Main parameters impacting the quality of the network are latency and lost packets.

Lost packets, will result with be a pixellated picture, an excessive latency will create a sluggish picture and commands.

1. A simple test will show if the problem is network related or not:

a. In Windows click Start button, run. Type cmd, and Enter. This will open the terminal screen. 

b. Type a continuous ping command using as an end point the IP camera address:
range of IP Address).

c. Let the command run for a minute, then click CTR-C. This will close the ping command and display the statistics.

The lost packet figure should be below 0.1% of lost frames 
The latency should be below 5ms. 

If the test results exceed those values, there is a good probability that one of the routers, WIFI or switches in the signal data path malfunction, and needs to be fixed.

2. A CPU Utilization close to 100% of the viewing device/PC could also be a source for sluggish/pixelated video
By clicking CTR-ALT-DEL on a windows PC, and selecting the Task Manager, the user can easily read the CPU utilization of his PC. 

In case of a high CPU utilization the user will have to close open processes and applications, as well as lower the bandwidth of the video stream.

The goal will be not to exceed a CPU utilization of 70%.

Happy network troubleshooting  !!!!!


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