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I am in search of an camera that will meet the following requirements:

1) IP ( wifi not necessary bout wouldn't mind it )
2) IR ( Would be great to be able to see peoples faces clearly at night )
3) Included Free DDNS Server / Client
4a) Allows me to embed live stream in webpage with 1 line of code. e.g. <img src='' />
   4b) Live stream works in desktop and mobile versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera
   4c) Without the need to download and install a plugin.
5) Android App
6) A compatible PoE injector / Splitter pair.
7) Secure
8) May be used either outdoor or indoor.

I might be willing to compromise a bit on 4b).

The camera is being used primarily to be publicly embedded in a webpage.

Does the ipcc-7210w meet these requirements? If not what other camera would I need?
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