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The procedure below will enable an IPCC-9610 camera user to configure the camera to return to a predefined position after a power outage.

1. Create the Preset.

Aim the camera to the position you want it to go back after a power outage, and set it as a preset. The number of that preset can be any number between 1 and 8.

Select the preset number (example #1) and click the Set button.

set preset.jpg 

2. Call The PTZ Park Settings position :

Select Preset 94 and click the Call Button:

PTZ Park.jpg 

Select the Preset where you want the camera to aim to (i.e. #1) after outage and push the Call Button; 

Call Preset.jpg 

3. Set the "parking time" after which the camera will go to the preset after an outage (10 Sec)

 Select Preset 94 and click the Call Button:

PTZ Park.jpg  

 Select Preset 31 (10 Sec) and click the Call Button:

Parking time 10S.jpg 

4. Move the camera to a different position from Preset 1 and wait 10s. 

After 10 Seconds the camera will move to Preset #1.

If this happens, it means that the settings succeeded. If not, repeat the procedure.

5. Verify that the camera is going to Preset 1 after a power outage

Disconnect the power to the camera, then after a minute reconnect it.

The camera will rotate to the default position. 10 seconds after the camera comes back online and reconnects to the network, the camera will go back to Preset 1.


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