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Please follow the sequence below:

1. Connect the camera to your router via an Ethernet cable.
2. Access the wireless settings, using a browser.
3. Search and discover your WIFI network
4. Type the WIFI Key in (make sure it is correctly typed)
5. Submit the settings and wait until the camera reboots
6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the camera
7. Turn off the power of the camera, and then turn it back on (without having the Ethernet cable connected to the router).
8. The camera will perform the boot cycle, rotate. When it stops, you should be able to discover it on the network using the Search tool

Common problems:

a. The WIFI key is mistyped or has spaces if cut and paste of the key is used.
b. The encryption settings are not matching the router Wifi encryption settings.

If you still have problems with the settings pls contact Customer Service
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I can see camera in software ad on router but Internet Explorer or Firefox won't go to address saying cannot index page....this is on lan setting
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