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Hello I just installed my camera via ethernet.  The picture quality is terrible in firefox and synology via MJPEG).  It's blocky and very low res.

Here is a screen capture.

Also after about 12 hours the picture begins to break up and flicker very badly in IE and Firefox until I reboot the device. 

Also the buttons to pan and tilt are reversed.

In Firefox up and down are swapped and in IE left and right are swapped. 
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Dear Customer

The Firefox or Chrome video decoders will distort the picture quality of the camera. Please use IE explorer, or any of the certified applications for viewing the camera:

Blueiris (WinOS 64 bit, IPhone, Android)
DComplex4 (for OSX, Iphone, Ipad)
Live Cams Pro for IPhone/IPad/Android

Also please refrain from using Firefox or Chrome in a mixed environment with BlueIris or other applications, since it may cause to flickering of the picture.
To avoid flickering also please lower the data rate of the Video stream in the IE display of the 72XX camera, until it disappears. This is due to network congestion which will cause lost frames.

Please contact Customer Service during business hours 9AM to 5 PM ET, at (855)464-7226 ext 100,

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Sort of sucks. Not everyone likes IE at all. Maybe integrating a more relevant browser would help as opposed to having to work around BS constraints. You will never surpass better manufactures if you refuse to listen to the customer. 
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