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This camera should be mounted on a two-gang weatherproof electrical box with a weatherproof cover plate between the box and the camera. These items are available at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace or most electrical supply stores. The Home Depot descriptions are:

Bell Model # 5333-0B Internet # 204208017 Store SKU # 436410 2-Gang Weatherproof Box
Bell Model # 5175-2 Internet # 203597082 2-Gang Weatherproof Blank Cover
Bell Model # 5020-0 Internet # 203638317 2-Gang Weatherproof Replacement Cover Gaskets (2-Pack)

Lowes has the same items and its easy to order over the Internet for store pick-up. Finding these items in the store is often a hassle, so Internet ordering is a great option. Lowes had the items for me the same day.

The two gang box has sufficient room for the camera connector, a DC to DC converter or splitter and the miscellaneous camera and ethernet cable.

The camera mounting hole dimensions are 64 mm x 96 mm or 2-9/16 “ x 3-13/16". The box can be modified by drilling and tapping four 8-32 holes on the inside threaded mounting plates. The waterproof cover, likewise has to drilled with clearance holes for the camera mounting screws. Some imagination and creativity is required here; you might want to consider using drill templates for proper hole alignment. You will also have to modify the weatherproof cover plate to allow the camera connector to pass through easily. You will also need four corrosion resistant 8-32 x 1" machine screws ; nickel plated brass screws are suggested. The 8-32 machine screws allows you to easily mount the camera.

You can mount the box to a wall or a corner bracket and bring your ethernet cable through weatherproof conduit and/or appropriate weatherproof connectors. For professional installations it is suggested to use “Plenum Rated” ethernet cable to avoid potential issues with local fire codes.

The RJ45 connectors on the ethernet cable will not snake through ½" conduit without damage; so it is likely that you will be re-doing the RJ 45 connector at the power source end (or both ends). It is suggested that you check the connections with a cable tester BEFORE you mount the camera.

After you have connected the ethernet cable to your splitter or power source in the box, assemble the weather proof plate and gasket with the four screw that came with plate to the box. Make sure the power connector protrudes through the hole in the plate so the camera power can be connected.

Now you should be ready to mount the camera. Prepare the extra gasket to fit the camera or you can skip this step and use a thin bead of silicon caulking around the camera after it is mounted. If you use the modified gasket, place the camera cable through the center, connect the camera to the power source and dress all excess wire inside the box. Using the four 8-32 machine screws you should easily be able to hand screw the camera in place and tighten the screws with a screw driver as necessary.

If you have done everything correctly, you should have a sturdy camera mount and weatherproof connections. [ Weatherproof Box on Corner Mount.jpg  .]

Another advantage of using machine screws for mounting is that it allows you easily dis-mount the camera, if you have to.


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Another route, that I took.  I used 1-1/4" Electrical PVC, the grey stuff, and cut a 7 inch piece off.  Took and placed a cap on the top.  I then painted it white as it was going to be mounted on a white piece of trim.  I then drilled 2 small holes in the cap that's on the bottom.  Fed the wires into the bottom of the "pill", sealed it up leaving a small hole for any moisture that possibly gets in to drain.  Mounted it beside the camera and then took silicone and sealed the sides and top of where the camera mounts to the fascia.

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The section of PVC pipe with end caps is a great idea if you only are looking to protect the injector/splitter from the weather. If you need to mount a DC to DC converter for POE near the camera, a weather proof box with sufficient internal volume is useful; you can also mount the camera on the box with corrosion resistant machine screws for easy camera dis-mounting, if ever necessary.
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I actually cheated as I am putting 12V over "POE"  I put 12V on the line on the POE pairs where it connects to my switch.  I then use a 12v to 5v buck converter at the camera to take it back down to 5V for the 7210W.  This way, I can shove the buck converter into the tube.  Exact same thing the POE injector/splitter is doing.
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