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I bought my IPCC 9610 before Christmas and just getting around to installing it. I am in the testing learning stage so please bear with me. I downloaded the IP CAM Viewer for my Galaxy 5s. Video picture is great. Just three issues, one major one.

Major issue: when I try to pan right or left the camera sometimes (3 times) goes into non-stop 360 degree turning mode. the only way I can get it to stop is to unplug it.   Closing the App does not stop the turning. This is obviously a serious problem. Do I need updated firmware? I have version 6.04.01.

Security issue: I am not able to change the admin password. The default password is "blank". I am not able to change the password without the "current password cannot be blank" error. It appears to want a non-blank password in the existing password field before I can change it to a non-blank password. This is somewhat of a catch-22.

Minor issue: I have set the pan speed to 1. Even the quickest tap on the left or right button gets a minimum of 45 degrees most of the time it is 90 degrees. Would be most helpful to get this down to less than 10 degrees per tap.

Final issue: I have tried Firefox, Chrome and IE and cannot get video. Chrome says unable to install add-on in this web page. Others I don't know. Not sure why I am having these add-on issues. I am behind Cisco ASA5505 Firewall.



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You need to contact IPCam-Central.com Customer Service, (855)464-7226 ext 100, with your PO# available, and you will be getting the necessary assistance.
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