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Hi All,

I cannot seem to figure out what this camera uses for its preset names so that Blue Iris can communicate with it and utilize its presets. I have tried simply numbering 1,2,3 as well as preset1, preset2, preset3, and finally preset 1, preset 2, preset 3, etc. None of these seem to work.

I have a v1 camera and the 1,2,3 convention works fine. I cannot seem to find information on this. Any ideas?


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below are the BlueIris settings for the IPCC-7210W V1

1. Configure the camera using the IPCC-7210W V1 profile:

Camra settings.JPG   

Verify the crrect IPCC-7210W V1 PTZ Settings for the camera:

PTZ Camera settings.JPG 

2. Edit Presets

Presets PTZ Camera settings.JPG 

The correlation between the IPCC-7210W V1 presets (which should be configured already on the camera) and the BlueIris ones is 1:1. This means, that the IPCC-7210 V1 preset number 1 corresponds to the BlueIris Preset #1  

The only optional field which can be edited is the Description field, which could be made more descriptive abut the position preset. For Example, Description "Preset" could be replaced with "Main Gate" . Accordingly BlueIris will display Preset #1 as Main Gate.

Main Gate Sttings.JPG 

Main Gate.JPG 


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Thanks for replying. Maybe I was a little confusing with my post. I have two cameras. I have a v1 which works fine - no problems. It's the v2 that I am having issues with. Apparently the settings for v1 are not the same as v2. I tried setting v2 up as a v1 but then I get no video. Setting it up as v2 gets me video but I just don't know the v2 preset naming convention (which *is* changeable).

Hope that clears things up. Thanks again for responding.
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Been a few months and have not been able to figure this out. Once again, I have a v2 and Blue Iris PTZ presets do not seem to work. Can you help?


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